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My name is Thorbjørn, but most people just call me Thor.

For the time being I am working and being the overseer of the family as I am waiting for my apprenticeship contract to start! I absolutely adore music and because of it I am collecting vinyl records and recently also been picking guitar playing back up. I am by no means good at it, but hopefully it will get there eventually! :D

I also like art and literature, and even though I am mostly making pieces of the latter I actually prefer visual art when seeking art :)

I do love talking to people so if you are on Skype why not drop me a message @ b.a.c.c.a.r.a.t :D

Journal History

So as some of you are probably aware of I went on vacation to the Netherlands!

I spent an entire week there and I have to admit it did not dissappoint. Everything I was expecting and hoping for was there and it contributed to a smashing time in the land of complete opposites of what I am used to. In this journal I will do a short summary on all the country related things I did while there.

To start things off I spent my week in the city named Alkmaar(not Amsterdam, wat u stupido?!) know for it's cheesemarket and cheese church in particular. Once off the train I used a good amount of time figuring out where my hotel where while staring at all the fancy old windmills along the way. Once I arrived there I was shown in to where I was staying and proceeded to set up shop for the coming week.

The week that followed(which felt like no more than maybe a day or two) was spent on visiting several museums namely the cheesemuseum, beer museum and beatles museum(erhmagerd) followed by frequent dinners at a chinese resturant I totally fell in love with where I practised my underdeveloped chopstick skills. Some days where used for travelling and I visited Leiden and Haarlem(very briefly) in which I proceeded with my museum conquest.

The rest of my time believe it or not were spent on bicycling, turns out Holland is one of the finest places in europe for cycling and I aquired buns of steel while exploring every knok and cranny of the areas around where I lived. I also got to practice my dutch while asking for directions(No, I don't know what google maps is) and while I was at it discovering that to most people though I sounded danish.  

So that is a short summary of my vacation, highly likely I forgot a good amount of things but the bottom line is that I had a good time and I will most certiently come again!
  • Listening to: Black magic woman
  • Reading: chords, chords and more chords
  • Watching: neverending darkness
  • Playing: Rocksmith 2014
  • Eating: brown cheese
  • Drinking: Water
Hey hey people!

It sure is long between lifesigns from me these days and for good reason! These days I am working most of the time and don't have much time to devote to dA, but I am hoping to change this soon! You might ask how and why now, well it is because it is closing in on christmas and as we all know it is a periode of more spare time and inspiration and with the occasion in mind I decided to gift myself an early gift and buy a one week vacation to Holland(suprise suprise!) where I will as probably one of the first people in history not spend the time in Amsterdam. Nope, infact I will be staying in a city named Alkmaar which is famous for cheese mainly and while there I will spread norwegian brown cheese propaganda the hours I'm not spending on ambushing :iconlaeneris: he he >:{D

Outside of such evil schemes I am using most days practicing my guitar playing and is starting to get decently good at it now and have in a very small scale started writing song texts which I hope to put in here with time and maybe even record soundtracks when I get that far! This also feels like a good time to say I will love ideas for texts if you have anything on mind, treat it as free comissions I suppose(sorcery, I know!?!?)! :D

As a last little point I have started learning dutch and it is about as hilarious as it's pronounciations are impossible so when I finally get around to holland people are probably gonna have loads of fun on my behalf =P I swear you better not laugh, yeah you know who you are!
  • Listening to: Black magic woman
  • Reading: chords, chords and more chords
  • Watching: neverending darkness
  • Playing: Rocksmith 2014
  • Eating: brown cheese
  • Drinking: Water

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